Tianyancha Sued Qichacha for Unfair Competition

Tianyancha Sued Qichacha for Unfair Competition

The commercial security tool Tianyancha sued its counterpart Qichacha for unfair competition recently and claimed 5204.5 thousand yuan worth of damages, according to People’s Court of Haidian District.

Tianchacha argued that Qichacha stole its advertisement slogan “search companies, bosses and relationships”,which first appeared in November 2014 and later swept metropolis in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Nearly 200 million yuan was invested in its promotion mainly through online and offline channels, such as Wechat, subway and product placement.

Apart from slogan, Suzhou Lang Dong also chose similar design for its advertisement--white characters against blue background and a person with an exaggerated and confused look.

Independently made by Beijing Golden Dike, a technological company founded in October, 2014, Tianyancha allows customers to dig out statistics, business relationships and individual information.

The case is still under investigation.



August 26, 2019

Source: Sina-Technology

Photo from: 6199pic.com