Unfair Competition

KingClean (Lexy) wins its employees for breach of non-compete clause

KingClean discovered that although the 19 resigned employees had signed non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements, both of which they promised to abide by, they all joined the startup shortly after departure.

TATA wins online injunction against e-commerce site

India's largest corporation Tata group has secured a victory against e-commerce website 'Tatacliqsmart', after the Delhi Court handed down an injunction following a complaint that the site was allegedly infringing the trademarks and copyright of the multinational company.

U.S. removes Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi from blacklist

China’s commerce ministry on Thursday welcomed the removal of Xiaomi from a U.S. government blacklist, a day after the U.S. reversed a ban on U.S. investments in the smartphone maker that was imposed under former President Donald Trump.

Beijing MUJI sued Japan MUJI once again: Commercial slander unfair competition

On April 25, the People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, heard the case publicly online.

Receive compensation 1.7 million! "Cha Yan Yue Se" won against "Cha Yan Guan Se", which was found guilty of unfair competition

"Cha Yan Yue Se" and "Cha Yan Guan Se" are both registered trademarks. "Cha Yan Guan Se" only opened its store in Changsha in 2019, later than "Cha Yan Yue Se", but its trademark registration was earlier.