Supreme Court backs in TM saga

 The US Supreme Court has ruled that adding ‘.com’ to otherwise generic terms can create a protectable federal trademark, in a win for Tuesday, June 30, the US Supreme Court ruled that (a travel booking service company under Booking Holdings) could obtain a trademark

Application for the Division of an International Registration (IR) Designating the EU

The EU trademark regulation (EUTMR) allows for the division of EU trademarks (EUTMs) into different parts not only as a result of a partial transfer, but also on the EUTM applicant’s own initiative.

EUTM System – The Procedure from Application to Registration

The present is part of a series of articles with the aim to give the practitioners in China a rough idea of the functioning of the European Intellectual Property Right (IPR) system with a focus on trademarks and designs.

The Conflicts of Registered Trademark Rights

Assuming that the procedure of trademark authorization is absolutely paramount and the registration certificate issued by the Trademark Office means that the registrant obtains an unchallengeable right and is supposed to use the registered trademark monopolistically and freely,

Reflections on the 4th Revision of Trademark Law

In April 2018, the 4th revision of the Trademark Law was initiated by official declaration of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for public comment.