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Innovation Strengths and Weaknesses of Beijing in Comparison with Tokyo-Yokohama and Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou

The Counsellors Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government and Cloud River Urban Research Institute jointly published a report that makes a comprehensive comparison of the three S&T clusters and further discusses the innovation strengths and weaknesses of Beijing.

China's top 25 trademark cases of 2020: Shanghai Weitong Trading Co., Ltd. v. Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Limited, et al

The Xiao Lao Ban (literally, Little Boss in English) trademark was assigned to Chinese company Shanghai Weitong Trading Co., Ltd. (“Weitong”) by another Chinese company Haining Xieqiao Vegetable Industry Co., Ltd. (海宁市斜桥蔬菜实业有限公司) in 1997. The trademark was registered in relation

China’s top 25 trademark cases of 2020: He v. Beijing XinBang Daikokuya Trading Corporation, Ltd.

Daikokuya Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of electrical appliances, as well as pawn shops, secondhand stores, and other businesses. The company began to operate under the Daikokuya brand in its founding year of 1947.

China's top 25 trademark cases of 2020: Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Co., Ltd. v. Shanghai Kingnet Technology Co., Ltd., et al

Docket No.: (2019)京73民终3794号Docket No. transliteration: 3794, second instance (初), civil case (民),

China’s top 20 patent cases of 2020: Wisebond v. NTFB

The disputes over the ownership of the patent right for service invention remain a difficult point in the trial of patent dispute cases.