About us

China IP is a professional media platform comprehensively reporting developments of China's IP Industry and serving IP professionals in enterprises. The main operation company is Hurrymedia Co., Ltd.

Since our establishment in 2004, China IP has been devoting itself to efficiently disseminating the philosophy and value of IP globally.

We bring together industry elites, focus on hot topics, release authoritative information, and create a professional and practical multimedia platform.

Based on years of development in the Chinese market, we have a variety of communication platforms that can effectively help you in expanding your visibility and influence in the Chinese market and finding customers.

1. China IP Magazine

China IP Magazine is a professional magazine comprehensively reporting developments of China's IP Industry and serving IP professionals in enterprises. China IP has monthly Chinese version. Different viewpoints of well-known scholars, judicial experts and industrial elites collide and exchange, presenting readers with a wealth of information on IP.

2. Chinaiptoday.com

The website combines multi-aspect news information and original articles on China's IP industry to show the development of Chinese IP to the world and let the world know more about all aspects of Chinese IP information.

3. Multimedia Platform

The new media of China IP Magazine, including website, e-magazine, e-weekly magazine, WeChat, Weibo, etc., has become a new media platform for IP professionals with timeliness, comprehensiveness, practicality and interactivity.

Data of new media platforms:

Weekly page-views of website: 6,000+

WeChat Followers: 200,000

Weibo Followers: 443,000+

4. Video Program

IP Observers, a dialogue comment video program focusing on the IP, innovation and IP popularization. Committed to expanding the influence of IP and widely disseminate knowledge of IP protection.

Views of IP Observers: 1,300,000

5. China IP Annual Forum

China IP Annual Forum has been successfully held for 11 sessions, with nearly 1,000 attendees each year. The China IP Annual Forum aims at summarizing and forecasting the IP industry development of China on a yearly basis, exchanging experience and discussing IP strategies as the economic situations vary.

6. International IP Law Firms Directory

International IP Law Firms Directory (IIPF) is a platform for dynamic, efficient exchange and share of information in the IP service field. The directory is divided into several modules in EUROPE, ASIA/OCEANIA, AMERICA/AFRICA. It covers a wide range of content and gives readers and IPers the most comprehensive IP information retrieval experience.

7. Alliance of Global Intellectual Property Service (AGIPS)

AGIPS aims to provide a global platform for IP service institutions on information exchange, experience sharing and business cooperation. It comprehensively carries out mutual assistance activities in the international intellectual property service industry and continuously improves service level and quality.

Members of AGIPS: China, America, Germany, Japan, Thailand

8. INNO-WINGS IP Café & Salon

INNO-WINGS IP Café & Salon is a communication platform that integrates coffee breaks, IP libraries, IP incubators, professional charging stations, seminars venues, salons and other activities.