Guanggu Promote the High-quality Development of IPRs

Guanggu Promulgates a New Policy to Promote the High-quality Development of IPRs

Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone Management Committee and Wuhan District Management Committee of Hubei Free Trade Zone jointly issued "Several Measures for Promoting High-quality Development of Intellectual Property". The measures are clear. Enterprises in the region leading in the creation of international standards will be rewarded with RMB 2 million each.

The predecessor of the new policy is "Several Opinions on Strengthening Intellectual Property Work (Trial Implementation)" promulgated in 2011 and "Some Opinions on Further Strengthening Intellectual Property Work" promulgated in 2015. Since the implementation of the two policies, considerable progress has been made in promoting the creation, protection, use, service and management of intellectual property rights in Guanggu. Statistics show that in recent years, the number of patent applications in Guanggu has increased at an average annual rate of 25%. From 2011 to 2018, the annual application volume for invention patents jumped from 3253 to 18057, and the authorization volume jumped from 145 to 5642. The continuous improvement of intellectual property ownership of enterprises has formed a positive interaction with the local economic development, and a number of enterprises with outstanding intellectual property application capabilities represented by Douyu Science and Technology, Huaxing Photoelectricity and Fenghuo Communications have emerged.

The responsible person of the Intellectual Property Office of Donghu High-tech Zone introduced that the new policy includes seven parts: implementing intellectual property strategy, stimulating intellectual property creation, promoting the use of intellectual property, strengthening intellectual property protection, strengthening intellectual property management, developing intellectual property services, and building an intellectual property integrity system. The system includes seven parts which are patent, copyright (software copyright), standard creation, layout design of integrated circuits and other intellectual property rights. Any enterprise in the high-tech zone, whether a start-up enterprise or a large-scale enterprise, from the beginning of its birth, from the management, application, protection, to the derivation of patent portfolio, patent alliance and other processes, the new policy will be "accompanied by reading".

It is noteworthy that the new policy has significantly strengthened the incentive for intellectual property creation. For enterprises leading in the creation of international standards, the award has been raised from 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan. The total award for standard creation of individual enterprises has been increased from 2 million yuan per year to 5 million yuan per year.

Enterprises have demand and the government has responded. Increasing incentive standards will help enterprises to become more and more stable on the road of high-quality development of intellectual property rights.



September 18, 2019

Source: Hubei daily

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