China to Further Protect IP of Market Entities

China to Further Protect IP of Market Entities

The Chinese government has announced to further protect the legitimate right of all market entities, according to the Executive Meeting of the State Council.

This move aims to strengthen intellectual property protection which can help improve business environment, promote technological innovation and deepen international cooperation. It’s important to boost IP law enforcement and all market entities should be on the equal footing.

In the first half of 2019, national administrative law enforcement for patent and trademark has been carried out in an all-round way; 6529 patent infringement cases and 11.5 thousand trademark cases were identified and investigated. China is working to launch administrative law enforcement initiatives, build a coordinated IP protection mechanism, beef up local IP protection teams and deepen international cooperation.

Patent, copyright and trademark laws must be revised, details of the Patent Law and Regulation on Protection of New Varieties of Plants released, cost for crime raised.

Currently, China has made great strides in IP infringement penalty system, according to professionals. The revised Trademark Law published on on April 23 ruled that indemnification for deliberate trademark infringement should be five times as high as before, which can effectively prevent illegal behavior.

China is also to increase quality and efficiency of IP examination and investigation, set up the patent investigation and intelligent trademark registration systems to guarantee that by the end of this year, China will have examined patent of high value within 17.5 months and trademark registration less than five months.



September 5, 2019

Source: Xinhua News Agency

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