“Lu Jiao Xiang” First Shop at Shenzhen Closed

“Lu Jiao Xiang” First Shop at Shenzhen Closed: More Than 7000 Plagiarized Shops

Recently, some media reported that the “Lu Jiao Xiang” in Shenzhen Coastal City is closing soon, and there is a transfer sign hanging at the door. It is understood that this shop is the first shop in Shenzhen for “Lu Jiao Xiang”.

On July 15, the related person in charge of “Lu Jiao Xiang” told the reporter that due to the rising rent of the store, the city partners will adjust their stores and open stores in other places of Shenzhen.

Lujiao alley has been beset by thousands of fake stores all over the country. At present, there are 145 authentic shops in “Lu Jiao Xiang”, while there are more than 7000 fake stores. Faced with so many fake stores, “Lu Jiao Xiang” once opened a fast-opening model to counter the siege of fake stores. Obtaining the ownership of trademarks through legal means is the fundamental solution to the problem. According to the national process, the result of trademark examination will be issued in October, according to the relevant person in charge of “Lu Jiao Xiang”. After the acquisition of the trademark, the brand will be upgraded, in the store scene, category will be upgraded.

An intellectual property consultant told Beijing Business Daily that it is difficult to protect trademark rights in terms of time cost, litigation links and high cost. In the view of industry insiders, enterprises should register many kinds of trademarks in advance before opening stores, so as to avoid some speculators or companies rushing to register trademarks and then touching enterprises. As a brand, if there are a large number of similar brands or stores in the market, it will be difficult for consumers to identify the authenticity.

Nowadays, the competition of tea drinking market is fierce. The core competitiveness of tea drinking enterprises cannot be ignored. For “Lu Jiao Xiang”, while facing the siege of fake stores, building the brand cannot be ignored. For example, some tea brands are not clearly positioned. With the fierce competition in the industry, the tea brands with weak consumer identity will be eliminated.

Wang Zhendong, chairman of Shanghai Fenyue Investment Management Co., Ltd., said that the concept of new Chinese tea drinks has been put forward for only a few years, and it is still in an exploratory period. At present, the contentious situation that many brands arise for competition is more conducive to the innovation of products and business models. Generally speaking, the market has changed from being well-known to quality priority. Nowadays, the innovation of tea drinking market is going to enter a hard period. The first brand to break through will gain advantages in the next rising fluctuation. But the premise is that tea drinking industry, including catering industry, needs to find an effective intellectual property protection system to protect the interests of innovators and form effective industry barriers.



August 22, 2019

Source: China IP

Photo from: 6199pic.com