Global Digital Copyright Protection Technology

The Publication of Global Digital Copyright Protection Technology Cross-Century Tracking and Analysis (1994-2017)

The Symposium on Global Digital Copyright Protection Technology Cross-Century Tracking and Analysis (1994-2017) was held in Beijing.

By 2017, as an important means of intellectual property protection in the Internet era, digital copyright protection technology as a whole has entered a mature period. Among them, digital watermarking technology is the main focus, mobile service support technology is in the growth stage, and block chain technology is in the embryonic stage. Globally, China is increasingly becoming the main country for patent application of digital copyright protection technology.

"Global Digital Copyright Protection Technology Cross-Century Tracking and Analysis (1994-2017)" points out that China is the fastest growing country in the field of digital copyright protection technology. According to the results of comprehensive subject retrieval of "Digital Copyright Protection Technology", from 1994 to 2000, in the scope of the "Nine-Country Organization" of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and the European Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization, the number of related patent applications in China was fifth in parallel with that in Korea. Since 2000, the number of patent applications in China has grown rapidly. Now, China is second only to the United States, ranking second in the world, with the total amount exceeding nearly 15% of Japan in the third place. With regard to the reasons for the rapid growth of patent applications in China, the research team of this book believes that, firstly, the CPC and the government have attached great importance to intellectual property protection for many years; secondly, the huge demand for digital copyright protection technology brought about by the rapid development of China's digital content industry, and thirdly, it also relates to the fact that a large number of foreign enterprises apply for related patent in China.

It is understood that the book was written on the basis of the development and application of the digital copyright protection technology research and development project of the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television. The Book searches and analyses 58 patent applications on related technical topics of digital copyright protection, spanning 24 years, from 1994 to 2017 of the last century, and spanning nine countries and two organizations, basically reflecting the overall development of related technologies in the world. The publication of this book fills the gap in the research of digital copyright protection technology in China and even in the world.

Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the CPPCC Committee on Culture, Culture, History and Learning and President of China Copyright Association, attended the meeting. Experts from the National People's Congress, relevant research institutes, universities, copyright collective management organizations, national digital publishing bases and publishing units participated in the symposium.



August 20, 2019

Source: Guangming Online

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