Typical IP Cases of Shanghai FTA

Typical IP Cases of Shanghai FTA

Case1-Legal Protection for Animated Characters and Film Titles

Case2-To Protect Online Game Graphics as Quasi-Cinematographic Works

Case3-Basic Methods to Judge Substantial Similarity between the Works of Fine Art

Case4-Dispute over Infringement of the Rights of Works Publication, Reproduction and Exhibition

Case5-Judicial Determination of Trademark Infringement Liability in OEM Trade

Case6-The Determination on Whether the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Performed the Duty of Due Care in An Export Trade

Case7-Precedent Used Unregistered Trademark with Certain Influence could be Used Continually within the Original Scope of Use

Case8-Recognition of Prior Use of a Trademark and Inheritance of the Prior User’s Rights

Case9-Rules on Judgment of Three-dimensional Mark Infringement

Case10-Determination on Classification of Network Games

Case11-The English Name Used by Chinese Enterprise in Foreign Trade Can be Protected by the Anti-unfair Competition Law

Case12-The Unauthorized Use of Much Information from Other Websites May Constitute Unfair Competition

Case13-Application of the General Clauses of Anti-Unfair Competition Law in the Judicial Protection of Game Broadcast

Case14-Destroying User Stickiness to Shopping Websites via Shopping Assistant Constitutes Unfair Competition

Case15-Way to Protect Exhibition Name Recognized as Name Peculiar to Well-known Service

Case16-Limit of Internet Legitimate Business Speech, Misleading Promotion and Business Discrediting

Case17-The Determination on Whether a Variety Show is a Soft Advertisement and the Determination of Business Discrediting

Case18-Judicial Determination on Whether the Flaws in Tendering and Bidding Constitute Collusive Bidding

Case19-Means and Behavior Results Should Be Respectively Regulated for Counterfeiting Registered Trademark and Trade Name to Infringe Trade Secrets

Case20-Affirmation of the Act that Executives Send Job-Hopping Emails to Long Term Stable Clients of the Former Employer As Trade Secrete Infringement

Case21-Teaching Plans as an Element of Trade Secret Protection

Case22-Conditions for Adding Distinguishable Signs

Case23-Damaging Others' Goodwill by Promoting Referral Code Through False Publicity Constitutes Unfair Competition

Case24-Judicial Review of Pre-litigation Preservation of Actions for Online Unfair Competition

Case25-Determination of “Irreparable Harm” in Pre-litigation Injunction for Unfair Competition

Case26-Legal Liability of Franchisers for Failing to Perform Information Disclosure Obligation

Case27-The Affirmation of “Misleading” Publicity with Non-generic Terms in Professional Fields

Case28-Storage and Provision of “Translated” Works Constituting the Copyright Infringement

Case29-Affirmation of Copyright Infringement Act through Built-in Search Engine Set by APP by Virtue of Focused Crawling Technology

Case30-Determination of Right Owner's Losses in Crime of Business Secret Infringement by Disclosure