Quanzhou Included in the “National Team”

Quanzhou Included in the “National Team”

Nine Chinese cities including Quanzhou of Fujian Province and Taizhou of Zhejiang Province have the honor to join “national team’, meaning they have become key cities to establish national IP operation and service system. The Ministry of Finance will earmark 150 to 200 million Yuan financial support for Quanzhou in the next three years, aiming at invigorating IP innovation.

The listed ten cities are all innovation-intensive, highly influential areas that are yearning for innovation-driven development.

As a National Independent Innovation Pioneering Zone, Quanzhou seeks to make full use of its advantages to strengthen its IP power.

The southeast costal city ranked first in Fujian Province in terms of patent application and authorization for eight consecutive years, which have increased by 39.25% and 50.22% respectively in the past three years. Quanzhou’s leading role can also be evidenced by following statistics: every ten thousand people own 9.99 invention patents, valid trademark registration amounting to 320 thousand, IP pioneering companies at all levels reaching 535 and nearly 1200 IP intermediaries and 6000 employees. Enditem



August 14, 2019

Source: Quanzhou.net

Photo from: 6199pic.com