Background Music that Violates Music Copyright

Youku Responded to “This! Hip-hop” Uses Background Music that Violates Music Copyright

On July 22, VFine Music issued an announcement that “This! Hip-hop” second season tenth episode produced by Youku unauthorized adapted and used the music work by VFine Music copyright co-musician Panta.Q Guoqu as a competition dance music for commercial dissemination, violating the relevant rights and interests of Panta.Q Guoqu.

As the copyright administrator of Panta.Q Guoqu, VFine Music will take further legal action to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of musicians. According to screenshots provided by VFine Music, the name of the creator Panta.Q in the performance information was also miswritten as Pinta Q.

According to public information, VFine Music is an online music copyright authorization platform, providing music copyright authorization and customization services for organizations with music use needs. The platform was founded by Li Quan and Tang Ziyu in March 2015 and belongs to DNV Music Group.

Panta.Q, whose real name is Guoqu, musician and an electronic music producer, graduated from Wuhan University and Berkeley Conservatory of Music. In 2018, he participated in an electronic music producer competition program “Immediate Telephony” which is a Tencent’s video production. He once created a promotional song “Cold and Warm” for Hollywood film “Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle”, which was sung by Wang Junkai.

Attached is the official statement of VFine Music:

On the evening of July 22, Youku officially issued a statement saying that it learned about the copyright claim of the dancing music from "This! Hip-hop" by VFine Music at noon that day. They are deeply sorry for this. They have contacted the other party actively immediately to seek a rational and friendly negotiation solution.

At the same time, they said that the "Street Dance 2" program group has always respected intellectual property rights, fully aware of the importance of copyright to the development of the music industry, and will effectively protect the legitimate interests of copyright owners.



August 13, 2019

Source: Interface News

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