SD-3C LLC in IP Warning File from Netac

SD-3C LLC in IP Warning File from Netac

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On September 3, 2018, the Shenzhen-based Netac Technology Co Ltd. warned that most   flash disks, SD and Micro SD card sold or to be sold on the Huaqiang North Electronic Market haven’t obtained the IP license of Netac or SD-3C LLC, thus may have infringed the intellectual property right of these two companies.

SD-3C LLC is a limited liability company established by Panasonic Corporation, SanDisk LLC and Toshiba Memory Corporation (collectively "SD Group"). A prospective licensee can obtain the rights to the essential patents, trademarks, copyrights and design patents by signing an SD Memory Card License Agreement ("CLA") or SD Host/Ancillary Products License Agreement ("HALA") to make sure that the SD memory cards and/or  host/ancillary products manufactured and sold are abiding by the law.

Netac also claimed its ownership of an “electronic flash memory external storage method and device for data processing system” patent, to which a potential licensee must also obtain the rights. Furthermore, Netac announced that it will negotiate IP issues with related companies in China on behalf of SD-3C LLC. The IP infringement warning file was to deter violators from infringing and urge them to sign license agreements.   

According to the its website, SD-3C LLC owns the rights to invention patents, design patents and some trademarks.    

Most intellectual property rights (IPR) have been recorded with Customs which have the authority to intercept and detain infringing goods. SD memory product incidents are listed as follows.

In October, November and December of 2018, the US Customs and Border Protection seized counterfeit SD host products, laptop components and SD memory products with an estimated retail value of USD 152,000.

In November, 2018, the Spanish Customs detained counterfeit SD memory cards and adapters, estimated at USD 50,000.

At about the same time, the German Customs at the Leipzig airport identified 1,300 fake SD memory cards with an estimated retail value of USD 21,700.

The dedication of SD-3C to the enforcement, application and protection of its IP highlighted by the thorough protection for the tiny SD cards is worth drawing on.



July 1, 2019

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