2019 China-ROK Copyright Seminar

2019 China-ROK Copyright Seminar on Copyright Exchanges and Cooperation in the Digital Environment was held in Chengdu

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 2019 China-ROK copyright seminar

2019 China-ROK copyright seminar themed “Copyright Exchanges and Cooperation in the Digital Environment” was held by National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea (MCST) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Yu Cike, Director General of Copyright Department of NCAC, noted that digital technologies bring a lot of new challenges for copyright protection and development; therefore, it is necessary to establish a more balanced and effective international copyright protection system. China has made great headway in promoting copyright registration, application, protection, management and service in accordance with law, and is implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and working to develop itself into an IP powerhouse. ROK has always prioritized copyright legislation, and has accumulated practical experience in online copyright legislation and protection. This seminar serves as a great platform for government officials and colleagues of the two countries to exchange ideas and share new measures, results and experience of copyright protection in the digital environment, so as to learn from each other and seek common development and win-win cooperation.

An official of MCST extended warm congratulations to the opening of the seminar, and said that in recent years, the rapid development of modern technologies has brought great changes to content production, distribution and consumption. Under such a circumstance, it is imperative for both China and ROK to focus on changes in copyright issues and legal systems, and seek cooperation. Since the signing of cooperation agreement on copyright in 2006, China and ROK have been holding seminars every year. With joint efforts of the two governments, enterprises and universities, the two countries will surely promote the development of their copyright industries.

During the seminar, China and ROK held an intergovernmental meeting to share latest developments of copyright legislation, law enforcement and industry advancement. Besides, the two sides signed supplemental agreements of the Cooperation Agreement between the National Copyright Administration of China and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of ROK, conducted investigations and researches on International Copyright Exchange in Chengdu and Migu Music Co., Ltd. and summoned workshops on relevant issues.



June 26, 2019

Source: National Copyright Administration of China

Photo from: National Copyright Administration of China