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China's Joining of the Hague Agreement under Negotiation

Apple Wins Patent for a Foldable Display

Poland Challenges EU Copyright Directive


China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) is negotiating with the World Intellectual Property Organization on China's joining of the Hague Agreement, a Chinese official said Saturday. Attending the opening of the 15th China (Wuxi) International Design Expo, NIPA director Shen Changyu said by joining the system, Chinese companies will enjoy easier access to the protection of industrial designs, so that Chinese designs and "Made in China" products can better integrate into the global market. Hague Agreement for the international registration of industrial designs, a mechanism aimed at intellectual property protection, currently has 70 contracting parties around the world. An industrial design will be protected by all contracting parties through a single application. China has been promoting the protection of industrial designs. The country saw 709,000 applications for industrial designs in 2018, compared with some 600 in 1985.


registration [ˌrɛdʒ əˈstreɪ ʃən]

The action or process of registering or of being registered.  注册

例句:The number of new private car registrations has increased.


Apple has won a patent for a foldable screen that could be used on iPhones and other devices. The patent, granted on May 28 by the US Patent and Trademark Office, describes an electronic device with a display and cover that are flexible or bendable. Companies, including Apple, often patent ideas that never come to fruition, and the item described in an application doesn't necessarily have to be feasible for the patent to be granted. The application was filed in January 2018 and is among a series of patent applications Apple has made around the idea of a foldable display. Patently Apple was the first to report that the patent had been granted.In the past, Apple has filed patents for a flexible display with touch sensors and portions that open and close like a book, as well as a flexible iPhone that can fold in half and grip a person's clothes.


fruition [fruˈɪʃ ən ]

The realization or fulfilment of a plan or project. 成果

例句:The plans have come to fruition rather sooner than expected.


Poland has submitted an official complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over the recently-approved European Copyright Directive. On May 24, Poland told the CJEU that the copyright rules adopted by Europe may result in preventive censorship, according to Reuters. In line with the adopted directive, article 15 (previously article 11) will require search engines that use third party's headlines and introductory paragraphs, to pay publishers in order to display them. Websites will not need to pay for linking back to other content or for displaying individual words or parts of sentences. According to the EU, the new rules aim to ensure fair competition for the union's creative industries. But, Poland claimed this overhaul was a step backwards. Poland's deputy foreign minister, Konrad Szymanski, expressed a similar sentiment. He told public broadcaster TVP Info: "This system may result in adopting regulations that are analogous to preventive censorship, which is forbidden not only in the Polish constitution but also in the EU treaties." The EU Copyright Directive has been met with a host of criticism from various platforms as well as academics. In March, European academics specialising in IP asked the EU to revisit article 15 of the directive. The group said the article seeks to create an additional exclusive right for publishers, but publishers "already acquire exclusive rights from authors via contract". Another controversial provision, passed by the EU as part of the directive, is article 17 (previously article 13). This provision will hold online platforms directly responsible for copyright infringement that occurs on their platforms, and may force them to police the content on their sites through content filters.


Directive [dɪˈrɛk tɪv]

An official or authoritative instruction. 指示

例句:The directive dates back to 1986, was kept secret and reportedly was abolished.

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