IP Protection System Updated by Blockchain Technology

IP Protection System Will be Updated with the Blockchain Technology in Alibaba



It was announced by Alibaba Group Platform Management on May 23 that the blockchain technology would be introduced to Alibaba to update its IP protection system and provide better intellectual services to enterprises at a global level and small or medium sized enterprises. The technology will be firstly put into use on the original Alibaba Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) platform in September.

Li Xihan, director of intellectual property protection at Alibaba, stated that with the help of the characteristics like openness, transparency and immutability of blockchain, the technology would contribute to the upgrading of the IP filing. From September on, the technology will gradually extend to the digital IP protection fields of photos, videos, and audios after its first use on the Alibaba originality protection platform.

The financial grade commercial blockchain technology from Ant Financial Group was introduced to upgrade the system, . The technology was awarded the World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements Prize during the World Internet Conference in the year 2018. Fifteen technologies were also awarded, some of which are Amazon SageMaker and Microsoft Azure Sphere.

In Li’s statement, the application of the blockchain technology will help push the limitation of the platform. The digital materials from the brands all over the world will be directly sent to the Internet Court and provide evidence for litigations on the IPP platform with blockchain technology.

 It was introduced that on the platform, there are more than 30 million newly-published products and 1.5 billion stock products benefited from the Alibaba IPP platform’s service system. Millions of enterprises, companies and entrepreneurs on Alibaba’s IPP platform will benefit from the application of blockchain technology.



June 11, 2019

Source: China News Net

Photo from: 6199pic.com