Online IP Legal Platform Established by Shanghai

Online IP Legal Platform was Established by Shanghai Fengxian District



Shanghai Fengxian District People’s Procuratorate signed the Working Agreement on Dongfangmeigu Online IP Legal Platform with Fengxian District Administration for Market Regulation on the press conference held by Fengxian District People’s Procuratorate, providing another effective solution to protecting the IP rights of enterprises.

It was known that the establishment of the Online IP Legal Platform was to unite enterprises, administrative departments and judicial departments to form an organic working mechanism of clue reference, information sharing, evidence submission and investigation cooperation after one-year hard trying by Shanghai Fengxian District People’s Procuratorate and Fengxian District Administration for Market Regulation.

It was told by the person in charge of Fengxian District People’s Procuratorate that with the help of the platform, the Procuratorate could build bidirectional cooperation and normalized communication mechanisms with other relevant administrative & law enforcement departments.  Through the clue reference and investigation cooperation mechanisms, the 150 enterprises settled on Dongfangmeigu could log in the platform and submit the clues of rights infringement. Then the Dongfangmeigu Procuratorate Office built by Fengxian District People’s Procuratorate would record the cases. After analyzing and judging, the case would be referred to the police. The final conclusion would be submitted to the platform as feedback after the cooperation, with the whole process supervised by the Procuratorate. During the investigation, the Procuratorate and the Administration for Market Regulation would try their best to cooperate with the administrative & law enforcement departments.

It was also known that the Online IP Legal Platform is only available in Dongfangmeigu, which has already received about 20 clues of infringement from the enterprises since the establishment. According to the statement of the Procuratorate, they will perfect the platform further in the future to promote and cover all the enterprises in the district.



June 2, 2019

Source: Legal Daily