Samsung and DT Mobile settle patent dispute


According to news released on July 2, Samsung Electronics and DT Mobile have reached a settlement regarding their patent dispute. The two companies submitted a joint stipulation of dismissal to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, which has officially terminated all related litigation. The dispute between Samsung and DT Mobile began in 2023 when DT Mobile filed lawsuits in China and Germany, accusing Samsung of patent infringement. In response, Samsung filed a countersuit in the United States, seeking to invalidate DT Mobile's patents. In April 2024, the Munich Regional Court in Germany ruled that Samsung had infringed on DT Mobile's standard essential patents and granted an injunction request from DT Mobile. The ruling required Samsung to pay compensation for nearly all smartphones sold in Germany since August 21, 2021, and to destroy the relevant models in the market. The latest news indicates that both parties have now settled, ending the global litigation.