Huawei wins 10 million Yuan in combating malicious trademark infringement


Huawei has won 10 million Yuan in combating malicious online trademark infringement, according to a recent judgement released by the Shanghai Jinshan District People's Court (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Court).

The Jinshan Court sided with Huawei in a trademark infringement case involving the plaintiff, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and the defendants, Hanmai Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Jishe Fashion (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

The court found the defendants guilty of infringing on the exclusive rights to Huawei's registered trademark No. 18783416A. Punitive damages were imposed, and Huawei's claim for RMB 10 million in economic losses was upheld.

According to court documents, Huawei discovered that Jishe Company operated a flagship store on the Tmall online platform, unlawfully incorporating the "Huawei" word into product names and titles without authorization. Although Jishe Company later transferred the flagship store to Hanmai Company, the infringement persisted.

Huawei argued that the defendants' actions were deliberate and led to consumer confusion, resulting in a violation of the exclusive right to the "Huawei" trademark. The court, in response to Huawei's plea, not only ordered the immediate cessation of infringement but also granted 4-times punitive compensation and reasonable economic losses amounting to 10 million yuan.