Baidu hit with 64.5 million yuan verdict for infringing NavInfo’s copyright


The Beijing High People’s Court upheld a lower court’s ruling demanding Baidu to pay 64.5 million Yuan to NavInfo for copyright infringement and unfair competition, as announced by NavInfo on January 9.

The dispute between the two sides originated from a 2009 cooperation agreement where NavInfo allowed Baidu to use its electronic maps until the agreement expired in 2016.

NavInfo claimed that Baidu and its affiliates continued using NavInfo's maps without consent.

NavInfo initiated a lawsuit in 2017 against Baidu at the Beijing IP Court, seeking 100 million yuan in compensation.

In 2020, the Beijing IP Court ordered Baidu to cease infringement, issue public apologies, and compensate NavInfo with 64.5 million yuan, plus additional costs. NavInfo appealed this decision to the Beijing High People’s Court.

On December 28, the Beijing High People’s Court upheld the initial judgment against Baidu.

Responding to the latest ruling, Baidu stated that after terminating the contract in 2016, Baidu used internally sourced data in its maps, not NavInfo's. Baidu plans to appeal to the Supreme People’s Court to safeguard its interests.

Baidu reportedly counter-sued NavInfo in 2020, alleging copyright infringement and unfair competition and seeking 90 million yuan in compensation. The case remains pending.