Alibaba ordered to pay 1 billion Yuan to for antitrust practices


According to news on December 29, the Beijing High People's Court has made a first-instance judgment on the vs. Alibaba case. Alibaba was ordered to pay 1 billion Yuan to for abusing its dominant market position to implement its "alternative" monopoly policy. It is reported that has suffered damages totaling up to billions of yuan due to Alibaba’s monopoly practice. The report says that complained in 2015 Alibaba’s practice to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2017, launched a lawsuit against Alibaba in the Beijing High People's Court. Alibaba later challenged the jurisdiction of the Beijing High People's Court at the Supreme People's Court but was rejected. In addition, Alibaba was also hit with an over-18.2-billion yuan record fine by the State Administration for Market Regulation in 2021.