Largan Precision files patent infringement lawsuit against GSEO in Taiwan


Optical lens module manufacturer Largan Precision has filed a lawsuit in the IP and Commercial Court in China’s Taiwan Province against its rival Genius Electronic Optical (GSEO), claiming GSEO of infringing its invention patents. It is reportedly the third time that Largan Precision has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against GSEO. The first infringement lawsuit was field in the U.S. in 2013 and ended with settlement between the two sides in 2016 under the coordination of Apple. The second was filed in August 2022 at the Xiamen Intermediate People's Court. GSEO said it has always respected IP rights and denied patent infringement. The company adds no further details as the lawsuit is still ongoing. According to relevant reports, Largan Precision has filed several patent lawsuits against other rivals including Samsung and HP, with most of them being settled and Largan Precision obtaining orders and royalties .