Tesla wins ¥5 million in lawsuit against “Tesla Beer” trademark infringement case


Tesla has won its trademark infringement lawsuit against Sino Drinks Food Company, a Chinese food and beverage maker that was selling “Tesila Beer” and “Tesla Soda”, Tesla China said on Thursday. Sino Drinks Food Company has been selling the drink products with a logo that looks similar to the Tesla “T” trademark. The case against Sino was first filed last June in Shanghai. Tesla accused Sino of using its lawful trademarks and is requesting 5 million yuan in compensation. This week the Shanghai Court finally ruled in favor of Tesla, upholding the first-instance verdict that Sino should immediately cease infringing on the exclusive rights of Tesla’s trademarks, stop unfair competition practices, compensate Tesla with ¥5 million, and make a public statement in newspapers to mitigate the repercussions.