Chinese Home Appliance Maker Gree sues its rival Aux for trade secret misappropriation, claiming for 99 million Yuan


Chinese home appliance maker Gree Electric Appliances Inc. has filed an infringement lawsuit at the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, accusing its rival Aux Group and five natural persons of trade secret misappropriation, according to an announcement released at the Peoples Court on Sunday.

The lawsuit involves 8 Aux air-conditioner patents that Gree claimed belonging to itself.

Gree asked the court to order the defendants to immediately stop infringing its trade secrets and transfer the rights of the 8 patents to Gree. Gree is also seeking 99 million yuan for compensation.

The lawsuit is the latest one between the two Chinese home appliance makers.

Earlier in 2013, Gree accused Aux of "poaching" its research and development staff. Gree also won two separate lawsuits filed in 2015 and 2017 against Aux for patent infringement.

Aux fought back later. In 2021 and 2022, the Hangzhou and Ningbo courts awarded Aux 220 million Yuan in total, which Gree has appealed to the upper courts. The appeal is still pending.