Qingtian Truck lodges counterclaim against its Chinese rival Pony.ai over trade secret dispute

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Chinese self-driving solution provider Qingtian Truck has lodged a counterclaim against its rival Pony.ai over a trade secret dispute, according to an announcement released by the company on Wednesday. Qingtian Truck said in the announcement that Pony.ais trade secret claim against Qingtian is groundless and Qingtian has filed a lawsuit against Pony.ais unfair practice. Pony.ai sued Qingtian at the Beijjing Intellectual Property Court last July, accusing Pan Zhenhao and Sun Youhan, former employees of Pony.ai who founded Qingtian later, of infringing its trade secret related to the developing, testing and application of autonomous driving technology. Pony.ai sought RMB 60 million from Qingtian for the alleged infringement.