Awarding Ceremony | 2022 IP people in China


Recently, China IP Magazine has announced the four annual awards presented to winners at the 13th China IP International Annual Forum. Here comes the final award presented to three of the most influential IP insiders in China at the end of the event, 2021 IP people in China. The winners are as follows (ranked according to the Chinese phonetic alphabetic order):

►He Shan河山)

Civil law expert, Associate researcher of the National People's Congress, and President of Consumer Protection Law Association of China Law Society.

►Li Shunde李顺德)

Researcher, professor, and doctoral supervisor of Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Member of National Intellectual Property Expert Advisory Committee

Guo He(郭禾)

Vice Dean of Intellectual Property Academy of Renmin University of China.


Mr He graduated from the Law Department of Peking University in 1982. After graduation, he worked in the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress for a long time. He also participated in the formulation of a number of important laws, promoted the inclusion of "intellectual property" into the General Principles of the Civil Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and put forward a number of legislative proposals that are original and pioneering. He has made outstanding contributions to China's legal process.


Mr Li became one of the first patent agents in China in 1985. He has been engaged in patent agency work and intellectual property research for many years. He also undertook a number of key research projects related to intellectual property and participated in the special research work on the National Intellectual Property Strategy, as well as the formulation and revision of multiple laws and regulations related to intellectual property. 


Mr Guo has been engaged in the teaching and research of intellectual property law for more than 30 years, and has published dozens of papers on intellectual property law successively. He also presided over dozens of research projects of the National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education, and participated in the drafting or revision of national intellectual property laws and regulations. He was selected into the first batch of experts in the National Intellectual Property Expert Bank.