Awarding ceremony | 2022 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China


At the awarding ceremony of the 13th China IP International Annual Forum, 2022 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China award was presented to the winners.

The award of 2022 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China is an important part of China IP Awards, the winners are selected mainly on account of their business scope and expertise, and a method combining special index rating and comprehensive interviews and reports has been adopted for better evaluate the comprehensive ability of the participating teams in all aspects.


The evaluation criteria are based on the scoring of the team's professional, business, and research ability, with a comprehensive reference to the team's stability, innovation ability, as well as the value it brings to the society, etc. The team's comprehensive strengths have been analyzed and excavated in the form of interviews and reports, and the innovation of its service concept, management method, and talent cultivation have also been analyzed and excavated respectively. The evaluation of the award has done the utmost to exhibit to the public the outstanding achievements of China's IP service industry.


The winners of the 2022 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China are as below (ranked by Chinese phonetic alphabet order)

Beshining IP Services Team

Foundin IP Services Team

GAOWO IP Service Team

Watson & Band IP Services Team

Unitalen IP Service Team

Jiaquan IP Law Team

JT&N ShanghaiIP Service Team

kangxin IP Law Team

LISENG IP Service Team

Liu Shen IP Service Team

Lung Tin IP Service Team

Lusheng IP Service Team

RONGTAI IP Service Team

RWS IP Service Team

ScienBiziP China IP Service Team

Sunshine IP Group Service Team

Sanyou IP Service Team

SPTL IP Service Team

Wanhuida IP Service Team

YUHONG IP Service Team

Fairsky IP Service Team

CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office IP Service Team

China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. IP Service Team

Purplevine IP Service Team

Congratulations again to the winners!