Awarding Ceremony | 2023 Recommended International IP Agencies


The 13th China IP International Annual Forum & 2023 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China was concluded successfully on Feb 11 at Broadcasting Tower Hotel Beijing.

The Forum, which builds a communication bridge for scholars, judges, and top practitioners in the IP field, has gained great attention across the country since it was first held in 2011. Recently, we will announce the annual awards presented at the awarding ceremony of the Forum one by one.

In an increasingly complex international political, economic, and legal environment, Chinese innovative companies are facing increasing difficulties in choosing IP and legal services overseas. More and more Chinese companies tend to choose highly localized agencies with cross-cultural communication abilities.

A survey launched by China IP Magazine based on a four-month professional and systematic evaluation generates a list of "Recommended International IP Agencies", which finally came out by comprehensively analyzing indicators of the participating organizations, including their years of establishment, staff size, Chinese client service capability, client evaluation, and their recommendation index.

The award of the "2023 Recommended International IP Agencies" was presented to the winners at the awarding ceremony. The winners are as below: (ranked in Chinese alphabetical order)

►Beijing Gaowo Law Firm


►Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property International Gro


►Braun-Dullaeus Pannen EmmerlingBDPE

►GLP Intellectual Property OfficeGLP

►Guantao Law Firm


►KIM & CHANG Law Firm


►Murgitroyd & Company Ltd.


►Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and PartnersMSP


Beijing Gaowo Law Firm


Taking "creating value for customers wholeheartedly" as its mission, Beijing Gaowo Law Firm provides one-stop service for domestic and foreign applications. The firm has accumulated rich practical experience and achieved success in helping its clients to handle difficult and complex cases for many years. Up to now, it has established stable one-on-one cooperation with thousands of IP law firms in approximately 200 countries or regions around the world.

Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property International Group


With 15 years of experience in foreign patent agency, Beijing Sunshine Intellectual Property Group provides a full range of IP services for Chinese enterprises to go overseas and overseas enterprises to enter China. The firm has been assisting state and local intellectual property offices and other institutions in carrying out IPR policy research, analyzing business environment home and abroad, and promoting the establishment of a sound assistance mechanism for overseas IPR protection.

Braun-Dullaeus Pannen EmmerlingBDPE


Since its establishment in 2019, BDPE has been taking patent litigation as its core and specialized business. Up to now, BDPE has become one of the most active firms in patent litigation before German courts and the EPO, especially when it comes to standard essential patents (SEPs) in mobile communications and connected cars sectors. BDPE is experienced in dealing with high economical risk and high value patent cases.

GLP Intellectual Property OfficeGLP


Founded in 1967, GLP Intellectual Property Office is a boutique European IP firm headquartered in Italy. Over the years, GLP has been one of the few "Key User" Offices for the European Union IP Office (EUIPO). A GLP patent text has been included in the European Patent Office (EPO)'s official publication as an example of well-written text. GLP has achieved the world's first ranking for the filing of industrial designs in the EUIPO from 2003 to 2007 and launched its EU IP Codes App in 2012.

Guantao Law Firm


Guantao Law Firm empowers Chinese companies to go overseas with in-depth theoretical research and rich practical experience in high-tech fields such as electronics, biology, semiconductors, and new materials. The team is skilled in responding to 337 investigations, and has successfully represented a domestic new material company in winning the 337 investigation case of diamond composite sheets.



KIM & CHANG is one of the largest comprehensive law firms in Asia. Its IP division can provide comprehensive and professional IP services based on its high-level IP business capabilities, top law firm resources, as well as most outstanding and experienced IP talents in South Korea. The firm was rated as "the Best Korean Patent Application Law Firm of the Year" for many times.

Murgitroyd & Company Ltd.


Based in the UK, Murgitroyd & Company Ltd. has served more than 16,000 clients in more than 10 European countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Its Chinese Office, which provides continuous and high-quality services, can assist clients in formulating IP rights protection strategies in many European countries in accordance with local laws.

Mikhailyuk, Sorokolat and PartnersMSP


Headquartered in Ukraine and with more than 30 years of history, MSP has more than 250 IP professionals. The team has offices in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, China, etc., and has provided services to more than 9,000 clients around the world. The firm has gained a success rate of over 80% in responding to the opposition to patent and trademark applications.