The 12th China IP International Annual Forum & 2022 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China was held on Sep 24, 2022 in Beijing



The 12th China IP International Annual Forum & 2022 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China, which was themed on New normal: Integrity, Insight and Innovation, was  held on Sep 24, 2022 at Broadcasting Tower Hotel Beijing in a hybrid way--both online and offline. Top practitioners from the most well-known enterprises, law firms and Chinese universities delivered insightful speeches on the newest development and the hottest issues in the IP fields. The Forum, which comprises an opening ceremony, the Forum on China Intellectual Property Trends, the Forum on China IP Management of Practice, a Panel Discussion on Anti-trust and IP Protection, Sub-forums on short video copyright issues and IP protection of intelligent vehicles as well as an awarding ceremony for the 2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China, 2021 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China, 2021 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China, 2022 Most Recommended International IP Law Agencies, and 2021 IP People in China, has drawn wide attention across the IP field home and abroad.



At the opening ceremony, Liu Chuntian, Chairman of the China Intellectual Property Law Association and Dean of School of Intellectual Property, Renmin University of China, stressed the eternal value of Intellectual property as a driving force to innovation. Qin Yuanming, Chief Judge of the Third Division of Civil Trial of the Supreme People's Court, shared the newest development of IP Protection promoted by the Third Division of Civil Trial Court and affirmed China IP Magazine’s support to its relevant work. Etienne de Acedo, CEO and president of INTA, also addressed online at the opening ceremony. Etienne de Acedo clarified the connotation of the theme of this forum -- New normal: Integrity, Insight and Innovation and predicted that  Chinese would be one of those leading languages when it comes to international IP protection, given that China is almost representing 60% of global trademark fillings. A detailed speech video of Etienne de Acedo will be posted later.



At the Forum on China Intellectual Property Trends, judges and top practitioners from the most well-known enterprises, law firms and Chinese universities delivered speeches on the IP protection issues from a macro point of view. Zhang Qiong, former deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, delivered a speech on "Viewing IP Protection and Anti-monopoly from the Perspective of Chip Manufacturing Industry". Zhang analyzed the reasons for chip manufacturing industry monopoly, and explained the great significance of the new national system to solve the problem. Xu Erming, professor of Business School of Renmin University of China, shared on how to promote intellectual property management through innovation and value creation. Ma Yide, professor of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented his ideas and thoughts on improving the IP protection system of data. Representatives from leading enterprises and Law firms in the industry also discussed hot issues including the latest trend of global governance on standard essential patent.




At the Forum on China IP Management of Practice, representatives from leading enterprises in the industry shared their thoughts based on legal practice on IP management. Cui Lingling, general manager of Patent Department of Baidu stated her ideas on cultivating high-value artificial intelligence patent. Lian Pengfei, senior IP manager of Qingdao Haier Technology Co., Ltd, gave detailed introduction on the innovation and intellectual property management of Haier as a home appliance enterprise. Lian said that the development of the home appliance industry requires innovation and more investment in IP management. Chen Ni, director of the IP Department of Beijing Hairun Law Firm, pointed out that legal practitioners need to consider the risk prevention and control of IP management work from a systematic point of view and offer diagnostic service to enterprises.



At the Panel discussion on IP protection and Anti-trust, Huang Yong, professor of the University of International Business and Economics, Zhang Ping, professor and doctoral supervisor of Peking University Law School and Song Jian, former president of Intellectual Property Division of Jiangsu High People’s Court were invited to discuss the relationship between IP protection and anti-trust. A consensus was reached that the combination of IP protection and anti-trust helps to build a healthier market economic order and promotes innovation. Besides, monopoly, as a powerful intervention means, should be used in a cautious and inclusive way.