Mattel Sues Rap Snacks Over Use of ‘Barbie-Que’ in Nicki Minaj Barbecue Chips

According to Reuters, leading global toy maker Mattel Inc sued Rap Snacks in Los Angeles federal court Thursday, alleging its Nicki Minaj-branded "Barbie-Que Honey Truffle" potato chips violate Mattel's trademark rights in the famous Barbie doll. " The association is so evident that upon seeing the packaging, representatives for Defendant's celebrity partner queried whether Rap Snacks had obtained permission from Mattel," the complaint said. "Indeed, Rap Snacks never requested or received any such permission." The toy maker asked the court for an order blocking Rap Snacks from using the "Barbie" name, as well as money damages including profits from "Barbie-Que" sales. The company said it sued "as a last resort" since Rap Snacks refused to stop using the name or "correct the misimpressions it foisted on the public."