2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China

"Outstanding IP Managers in China" has been an important award since the establishment of the China IP Awards in 2012, which have become 2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China. From 2012 to 2020, "2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China" has been successfully handed out for nine years, and more than 170 outstanding IP managers accumulated have won the award.


The award released this time is divided into two categories: "Excellent" and "Outstanding", and the evaluation officially started from September 29, 2021, the process of which was conducted for IP managers of domestic enterprises (state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and enterprises with three capital). Having attracted more than 60 IP managers to participate, the award evaluation was comprehensively conducted by 17 experts in the industry after the candidates were recommended, among whom 5 “Outstanding” winners and 27 “Excellent” winners were selected.


The name list of the Winners is as below:(ranked according to Chinese phonetic alphabetical order)



Bai Yajun, Director of Legal Department of Siemens Healthineers 

Cui Lingling, General Manager of Patent Affairs Department of Baidu Group

Jia Hongyi, Vice President, Joint Company Secretary and General Counsel of Kuaishou Group

Xie Chenyang, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of Foxconn Industrial Internet Co.

Yang Jingkun, Director of Brand Intellectual Property Protection, Erdos Cashmere Group



Chen Dezong, Senior Patent Manager of CATL

Chen Yihua, Senior Manager of Intellectual Property of Ruipeng Pet Hospital Co., Ltd.

Gao Yongzhi, Director of Intellectual Property of Cloudwalk Technology Co., Ltd.

Guo Feng,Assistant to President and General Manager of President's Officeof Three Clear Technology Co., Ltd.

Hu Xinyue, General Manager of Intellectual Property for Greater China, Atlas Copco (Wuxi) Compressors Co.

Li Lingchuan, Head of IP Affairs of Asia Pacific of FMC (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

Li Xiujun, Director of Intellectual Property Strategy Department Vtron Group Co., Ltd.

Liu Congxuan, Intellectual Property Manager of Sonoscape MEDICAL Corp.

Liu Xiaoyan, Director of IP & Legal Center of New TV Co.

Lu Lu, Intellectual Property Manager of Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd.

Luo Ying, Senior Intellectual Property Engineer of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

Ma Qingwen, Director of Legal Affairs of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Corporation

Shi Ying, Director of Intellectual Property of Yum China Holdings Limited

Wang Dadong, Intellectual Property Manager of CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd.

Wang Enhua, Intellectual Property Director of Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd.

Wang Feng, Intellectual Property Manager of Farasis Energy (Gan Zhou) Co., Ltd.

Wang Lishuang, Head of IPR of Petroleum Engineering and Technology Research Institute of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

Xu Jiyun, Director of Intellectual Property Department of Air Liquide (China) Holding Co., Ltd.

Yang Yueshuang, Deputy Director of IPR Center of Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute COMAC Innovation Valley

Yu Liqun, Patent Director of Shell House (Beijing) Technology Co.

Zhao Dawu, Intellectual Property Director of Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co.

Zhao Jie, Director of Intellectual Property Litigation Licensing Office, Hisense Group Holdings Co.

Zhao Yan, Intellectual Property Engineer of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

Zhuyuan, Senior Manager of Legal Department of BeiJing IQIYI Science & Techonology Co., Ltd.

Zhuang Zi’ang, Director of Patent Litigation of Xiaomi Corporation


Hereby two videos of prize presentation has been attached to showcase the achievements of the winners:






Congratulations again to the winners!