China's most high-profile insurance IP case closed

China’s Beijing Intellectual Property Court in September agreed with a lower court’s ruling that Shanghai Jambo Health Technology Group Co., Ltd. (上海亿保健康科技集团有限公司) violated Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (泰康人寿保险股份有限公司)’s trademark rights and ordered appellant Jambo to cease the infringement and pay Taikang Life 6.37 million yuan ($1 million) in damages.


The case was known as China’s most high-profile insurance IP case for the record-breaking 49 million yuan ($7.7 million) in damages plaintiff Taikang Life was seeking back in 2016. Taikang Life filed a lawsuit with the Haidian District People’s Court of Beijing city against Jambo for allegedly infringing its trademark “Jianbaotong (健保通)”, which has been used to market and sell a very successful insurance product by the plaintiff since 2010 and the application for its registration with the China National Intellectual Property Administration was granted in 2016.


The complaint claimed that defendant Jambo and its affiliated companies counterfeited the trademark in question in its products and services, enabling the funds managed by it to grow from 900 million yuan ($140 million) to 5 billion yuan ($790 million) within 7 months.


The lower court ruled for the plaintiff, and the defendant appealed the case to the high court.