Two Wanning-based coffee companies granted use of the GI tag Xinglong Coffee

On September 22, the China (Hainan Free Trade Port) Robusta Coffee and Industry Development Forum-cum-the Second Xinglong Coffee Kickout Tournament 2021 was held in Xinglong Town, Wanning County of China’s Hainan Province. During the two events, some geographical indication (GI) logos were announced to be applied to a selection of agri-food products with Xinglong as their geographical origin. Based in Wanning County, Hainan Xinglong Location of Origin Organic Coffee Co., Ltd. and Wanning Real Aromatic Coffee Food Co., Ltd. were granted by China’s IP authorities to use the GI logo Xinglong Coffee on their coffee products.


Xinglong coffee tree

Coffee began to be grown by returned overseas Chinese on state-owned farms in Xinglong Town in 1953. Xinglong Town is located alongside the Taiyang River on the southeastern end of Hainan Island, China.

Last September, the European Union (EU) and China signed a bilateral agreement to protect 100 European Geographical Indications (GIs) in China and 100 Chinese GIs in the EU against usurpation and imitation. Xinglong coffee (兴隆咖啡), Pu’er Coffee (普洱咖啡), and Baoshan Arabica Coffee (保山小粒咖啡), the latter two of which are in Yunan Province, are three GIs on coffee listed among the 100 Chinese GIs. The list of the GIs is available here.


Café de Colombia


Blue Mountain Coffee

Café de Colombia and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee are two world-renowned GIs that China’s coffee producing locations are modeling their products after.

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