China's artificial intelligence patent applications accounted for 74.7% of the world in the past ten years

The 2020 China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Conference held in Suzhou on April 11. The "China Artificial Intelligence Development Report 2020" released at the conference showed that in the past ten years, the number of artificial intelligence patent applications in China ranked first in the world.


The report shows that in the past ten years, the number of global artificial intelligence patent applications exceeded 520,000. The number of patent applications in China was 389,571, ranked the first globally, accounted for 74.7% of the worldwide total. At the same time, China's scientific research output level in more than ten AI sub-fields such as natural language processing, chip technology, and machine learning is among the highest in the world. In the fields of human-computer interaction, knowledge engineering, robotics, computer graphics, and computational theory, China still needs to catch up.