The upcoming The 11th China IP International Annual Forum

March 30, 2021


The 11th China IP International Annual Forum

2021 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China

Reset  April 16-17, 2021  Open

Spring blossoms, make an appointment with you in Beijing, China




Ten highlights of the event   Big names to join


  1. Ten years of precipitation win universal praise


    As an annual event in the intellectual property industry, "China Intellectual Property New Year Forum" has been widely recognized and highly praised by people in the intellectual property industry since it was first held in 2011. So far, the event has been successfully held for 10 sessions and has become one of the most influential forum activities in China's intellectual property field.



  2. Big names gather for breakthroughs


    A large number of intellectual property industry celebrities will attend the New Year Forum, including government representatives, well-known judges, experts and scholars, and corporate intellectual property managers.





    Guests' speeches at previous annual conference


    Ten years of hard work, still aiming for a breakthrough. Economists will join this year's New Year Forum to interpret domestic and international science and technology innovation policies under the new situation, and identify the direction of the whole chain of creation, application, protection, management and service of intellectual property.


  3. Focus on enterprise evaluation

    By the end of 2019, the number of IPR service institutions in China was about 66,000, and the number of IPR service workers was about 820,000. The revenue of IPR service in that year was about 210 billion yuan. As Chinese enterprises march to a broader stage of competition, corporate intellectual property managers lead their teams to defend the lifeline of enterprise technology and contribute their wisdom to the innovation and development of enterprises. We always pay attention to the development of intellectual property service organizations, we always focus on the industry elite individual team, we are committed to looking for the industry's business ability, professional ability, research ability, team cohesion of outstanding teams and individuals.


    "China Outstanding Intellectual Property Manager of the Year 2020"

    "China's Outstanding Intellectual Property Service Team in 2020"

    "2020 China New Edge Intellectual Property Service Team"

    "2020 China's Outstanding Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Team"

    "Recommendation of International Intellectual Property Service Institutions in 2021"

    "2020 China Intellectual Property Influential Person"


    The results will be announced and awarded on the night of April 17, 2021 at the "2021 China Intellectual Property Managers Annual Conference Award Ceremony", which will be publicly released through a number of media channels.




    The scene of previous awards ceremony and trophy display


  4. The live broadcast is wonderful and fast


    The forum will be held at the St. Regis Hotel Beijing (No. 21, Jianguomenwai Street). It is located in the center of Beijing business district, shopping district and diplomatic district, adjacent to embassies and major business communities, only about 10 minutes' drive from the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the surrounding commercial facilities, the geographical location is extremely superior.



    Exterior view of the St. Regis Beijing



    Booth of previous annual conference




    At the same time, we will actively respond to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the power of live broadcast and reporting of new media, and open up the online and offline conference channels to bring professional enjoyment to the global audience.




  5. Ten events will be big presented


    The 11th China Intellectual Property Annual Forum and 2021 China Intellectual Property Managers' Annual Conference will consist of 10 theme activities, which are not to be missed.


    Agenda first look ------


    On the evening of April 16th  Welcome reception for managers

    On the morning of April 17th  Opening ceremony of the 11th China IP Annual Forum

    China IP Summit Trends Forum

    On the afternoon of April 17th  China IP Management Practice Forum

    Parallel Sub-Forum (5 sessions)

    On the evening of April 17th  2021 China IP Managers Annual Conference Award Ceremony



  6. Content theme reaches depth


    This year's New Year Forum focuses on new trends and new issues, the forum topic should have been known early------


    Interpretation of hot spots, trends and patterns of innovation in China's intellectual property administration, judiciary and industry in 2020;


    New Trend of Intellectual Property Development in China in 2021;


    Exploring new opportunities for international cooperation;


    Innovation development and enterprise response strategy;


    Revision of copyright law and development of digital economy;


    Innovation and development strategy of industrial intellectual property under global competition environment;


    Criteria for calculating compensation for intellectual property infringement;


    Intellectual Property Judicial Innovation in the New Era......


    The agenda of the forum is being updated



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