IP5 taskforce discusses approach to AI and emerging technologies at second meeting

The IP5 NET/AI task force held its second meeting virtually from 3 to 5 March 2021 to discuss the main elements for a comprehensive IP5 NET/AI roadmap. The roadmap will guide the IP5 Offices' joint endeavours in response to the challenges and opportunities arising from the increasing use of new emerging technologies (NET) and artificial intelligence (AI).

The task force was set up in 2019 to coordinate initiatives and develop a roadmap for possible joint projects in the areas of NET and AI. At its first meeting in early 2020, representatives from the IP5 Offices and WIPO developed a scoping document outlining candidate co-operation areas. The IP5 Heads of Office later endorsed this document in July 2020.

During their second meeting the task force evaluated initial ideas and project proposals with a view to formulating recommendations for short- medium- and long-term co-operation goals which will allow the experts from the various IP5 working groups to develop achievable IP5 projects.

The IP5 NET/AI task force will work on the compilation of the roadmap and seek the endorsement of the IP5 Heads of Office in June 2021.

From: EPO Website           Date: 15 March 2021