China’s blockchain patent applications rank the first globally

China's blockchain patent applications have ranked the first in the world. The reporter learned from the Trusted Blockchain Summit held by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the China Communications Standards Association on December 23 that China has issued 33 blockchain group standards, and the first financial blockchain international standard that is being led has also been published in International Telecommunications Alliance Project.

Xi Guohua, chairman of the China Communications Standards Association, explained that the association is organizing the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and other units to jointly accelerate the formulation of more than ten industry standards and group standards such as the "Blockchain General Technical Requirements".

The first financial blockchain international standard developed by China, the "Guide to the Application of Financial Distributed Ledger Technology", has also been successfully established in the International Telecommunication Union. This has contributed to Chinese solutions and wisdom for the formulation of international standards and rules for blockchain. The "Blockchain Innovation and Intellectual Property Development White Paper (2020)" released at the Conference also showed that China has not only released 33 blockchain group standards, but also introduced two industry standards in the communications and financial fields. The "Blockchain Traceability Application Guide" released at the meeting proposed that at this stage, from the application level, blockchain traceability is an important application scenario.