Awarding Ceremony | 2021 IP people in China

Recently, China IP Magazine has announced the four annual awards presented to winners at the 12th CIPIAF. Here comes the final award presented to three of the most influential IP insiders in China at the end of the event, “2021 IP people in China”.

Awarding Ceremony | 2022 Recommended International IP Agencies

​ In an increasingly complex international political, economic, and legal environment, Chinese innovative companies are facing increasing difficulties in choosing IP and legal services overseas. More and more Chinese companies tend to choose highly localized agencies.

​ Features of IP trials of the People's Courts in 2021

​Qin Yuanming, chief Judge of the Third Division of Civil Trial of the Supreme People's Court, highlighted at the 12th CIPIAF the features of IP trials of the People's Court in 2021 in the following aspects.

Copyright Management of Radio and Television Industry in the Digital Economy Era

At the 12th CIPIAF, Yang Xingfang, General Manager of IP and Legal Center of New TV ( previous known as ICNTV) delivered a speech on “Copyright Management of Radio and Television Industry in the Digital Economy Era.”

Award Application of the 2023 Recommended International IP Agencies starts on Oct 21

As China deepens reform of the market economy system and expands opening-up of the legal service market, enterprises are accelerating their paces going global and striving to improve their business to participate in the international competition.