The 12th CIPIAF Delayed to Sep 23-24, 2022

The 12th CIPIAF( China IP International Annual Forum), which is themed on “New normal: Integrity, Insight and Innovation” is to be held from Sep 23 to 24,2022 at Beijing Broadcasting Tower Hotel.

China IP Awards——2021 IP People in China

As the final award announced in China IP Awards series, the award of IP People in China carries considerable weight. Below are the winners of the award, who can be deemed as among the most influential insiders of the whole China IP industry.

2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China

"Outstanding IP Managers in China" has been an important award since the establishment of the China IP Awards in 2012, which have become 2021 Outstanding IP Managers in China. From 2012 to 2020, "2021 Outstandi

2021 Outstanding IP Management Teams in China

If technology is the lifeline of an enterprise, then intellectual property is the benefit-line. The guardian of the benefit line is the enterprises’ intellectual property management teams. The evaluation of "Outstanding IP Management Teams in China", which was open to IP man

2021 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China

The 2021 Outstanding IP Service Teams in China is an important part of China IP Awards, during the appraisal of the winners, the business scope and the expertise of the service team have been considered as