A Talk on“Right of Modification”and“Right of Adaptation”

Moreover, the same idea may be conceptualized differently in different professions. Take the copycat, for example, which under Copyright Law, is the copying of the expression of ideas

Comments on the Broadcast Case of Fantasy Westward Journey II Online Game —From the Perspective of the Fair Use of Copyright

In October 2017, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court made the first instance judgment on the case of Guangzhou NetEase Computer Systems Co., Ltd. v. Guangzhou Huaduo Network Technology Co., Ltd. on copyright infringement and unfair competition disputes.

A Preliminary Analysis of Fair Use of Others’ Copyrighted Works in Performances

With the vibrant social and cultural life in China, it becomes a commonplace to see people perform the copyrighted work of others in public. Many of such performances are not authorized by the copyright owners and come with legal risks.

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