Notification Letter for Temporary Email Domain Change

China Intellectual Property Magazine would like to announce our changing of email domain as below:China Intellectual Property Magazine has recently changed our email domain from @hurrymedia.com to @chinaipmagazine.com. Because of some technical issues that our staffs are not able to receive emails t

Case of trademark infringement and unfair competition disputes between Xiaomi Technology Company, etc. and Zhongshan Povos Appliances Co.,Ltd.

【Case Basics】In April 2011, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. registered the "Xiaomi" trademark, and the approved products include mobile phones and video phones. Since then, a series of trademarks such as "" and "Zhi Mi" have been applied for registration successively.

Case of trademark infringement dispute between Erdos Company and Miqi Company

【Case basics】Erdos Company obtained the exclusive right to use the registered trademark “” on February 14, 2004. The trademark was approved to be used on the 25th category of scarves, clothing, gloves and other commodities. In June 2015, Erdos Company discovered that Miqi Company's "ca

Guangzhou Tianci Company, etc., and Anhui Newman Company, etc., in a dispute over technical secret infringement

【Case Basics】Guangzhou Tianci Company and Jiujiang Tianci Company claimed that Hua Mou, Liu Mou, Anhui Newman Company, Wu Mou, Hu Mou, Zhu Mou, and Peng Mou had infringed their "Kabo" manufacturing technology secrets and filed a lawsuit with Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, requested

SKYJET Company v. Hanze Company Case of Invention Patent Infringement Dispute

SKYJET Company v. Hanze Company Case of Invention Patent Infringement Dispute——Procedures after the right holder’s claim is declared invalid when the patent infringement case is heard  First trial case number: (2018) Lu 01 Minchu No. 2077Second trial case number: (2019) Supreme People’s Co