Judgment and Analysis of the Conflicts between Graphic Design Patents and Prior Trademark Rights

Due to the similarities between the graphic design patent right and prior trademark right of the graphic design products, the rights of the two are easily confused, and conflicts occur from time to time. There are major disagreements in practice and theory regarding how to resolve contradictions in

The Protection of Interlocking Toys Inspired by LEGO-brand Toys

1. Rights Protection of LEGO-brand ToysLEGO is a world-renowned toy brand, and its main products are interlocking plastic bricks. Its block toys involve knowledge in mechanics, mathematics, energy, physics, automatic control, programming and its other products cover fields of education, film and tel

Res Judicata: Applicable Doctrine in Chinese Patent Invalidation Procedures

In China, a patent invalidation procedure,1[1] initiated by a requester, is an administrative right confirmation procedure for improperly granting a patent right set up by the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The procedure is before the Patent Reexamination Board (the PRB), who

Infringement of the Trademark Use Beyond the Terms of the License Contract——Comment on the trademark infringement case of "Weibo Classroom"

Article 43 of China's Trademark Law is the basic specification for trademark licenses. The first paragraph stipulates that a trademark registrant may authorize others to use its registered trademark by signing a trademark license contract. Once the licensee uses the trademark beyond the scope of

Legal Issues Involved in Attack and Defense of Web Crawlers

 As crawlers will exist side by side with the Internet in the foreseeable future, any connected website will unavoidably encounter them. To properly address our co-existence with crawlers, effective technical measures and appropriate legal weapons should be put in place to prevent malicious cra

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