Strategic Patenting Tactics for Expansion into Europe

What should Chinese companies consider when expanding to Europe? The following article outlines important patenting tactics for successful market entry. Patenting in Europe differs from patenting in China. Some aspects should be taken into account already before entering Europe.

Application of Unitary Patent Court (UPC) decisions in Contracting States

This article will discuss the principles relating to the interaction between the UPC and national courts when enforcing UPC decisions and orders, as well as the as yet undefined aspects of these applications.

Interpretation of Relevant Regulations about the UPC Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre

In line with the current trend in giving greater importance to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Unified Patent Court Agreement provides for the creation of a patent mediation and arbitration centre seated in Ljubon.

China’s institutional reforms and what it means for resolving IP disputes

Following the launch of the plan, the 14th National People’s Congress of China passed the institutional reform of the State Council. The functions of CNIPA and the SAMR are now coordinated. But what does this reform mean for dispute resolution, particularly arbitration?

Is Patent Marking the Patent Owner’s Right or Statutory Duty? – A comparative study of U.S. and Chinese Laws in Recovering Damages Prior to Litigation

Patent marking refers to the act of a patent owner printing or including the relevant patent number on the goods she sells. Imagine that a patentee is selling her products in the United States and China. She obtained patents in both countries but did not mark the goods with paten