Legal regulations on the counterfeiting of social media accounts

How to define the legal attributes of social media accounts? How to regulate the behavior of counterfeiting social media accounts? The author will discuss the above issues in combination with the legislative dynamics, judicial practice, and digital risk protection practice.

Patent infringement liability insurance: the application of professional liability

The paper takes views of patent infringement liability insurance to bring up issues on the professional liability of the legal opinion.

Condition Applicable to Suspended Hearing of Trademark Administrative Cases

This article will start from different trademark case procedures, combined with legal provisions, administrative policies and trademark practices, and give a general introduction to the application of the suspension of trial of trademark administrative cases.

The pandemic and the green challenges of our time

COVID-19 has set great challenges in 2020, but the current pandemic cannot be allowed to distract us from a much greater challenge to be overcome: climate change. Communities worldwide are searching constantly for solutions to combat the effects of climate change, and it is increasingly recognized t

Influence of Correspondence of Chinese Character and Foreign Words on Determination of Trademark Similarity

Foreign enterprises usually use their original foreign trademarks to gain brand awareness in the early stage of their entering in China. With further development of brand protection and cultural exchanges, foreign enterprises have also followed the local custom and have increasingly applied for regi