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China’s Top Court Released the Top 10 IP Cases of 2023—Case Involving Unfair Competition Dispute over "Data"

This case serves as a typical example of illegal data scraping for trading and resale. The judgment strikes a balance between "effective protection" and "orderly circulation" of data, clarifies the boundaries of data rights protection.

China's Top Court Released Top 10 IP Cases of 2023—Case Involving Copyright Infringement and Unfair Competition Dispute over Navigation Electronic Maps

This case is a typical example of protecting navigation electronic maps under Copyright Law. It not only delves into the essential elements that constitute graphic works for navigation electronic maps but also explores the substantial similarity comparison of extensive map data.

China’s Top court Released the Top 10 IP Cases——Case Involving Infringement Dispute over New Corn Plant Variety "Danyu No. 405"

This case highlights that punitive damages can be determined based on the discretion of the evidence, rather than defaulting to statutory compensation due to calculation difficulties. The judgment reflects the judiciary's commitment to implementing punitive compensation.

China’s Top Court Released the Top 10 IP cases——Case Involving Administrative Dispute over Invalidation of "Face Recognition" Invention Patent

This case clarifies the requirements for the extent, manner, and purpose of claim modifications in administrative procedures for patent invalidation. It provides significant reference for understanding the legal standards for "further limited" modifications in these procedures.

Chinese court imposes judicial punishment on malicious trademark squatter claiming for 10 million yuan

On April 26, 2024, the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), China’s top court, released the 2023 50 Typical IP Cases. One of the 50 typical cases involved judicial punishment related to trademark squatting and malicious litigation. Below is the detailed development of the case.

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