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Judicial Cognizance Standards for New Types of Competitions Constituting An Act Of Unfair Competition in Internet Environment

With the increasing development of Internet technologies and the continuous occurrence of various ways of business and competitions, conventional acts of unfair competitions are extending and expanding in the Internet field, thus resulting in various of new types of unfair competitions. The aforemen

Registration Formal Requirements for Sound Trademarks in China, US, and EU

 Trademark registration in China follows the graphic representation regime, and therefore sound trademarks should primarily adopts graphic representaion, specifically in the form of stave or numbered musical notations of the sound in combination with notes in words for trademark registration. F

On Rules for Determination of Trademark Infringement

1. To start from how general users usually memorize domain names in the Internet environment, the similarity between a domain name and a textual trademark should be determined primarily on their pronunciations and meanings, and secondly on the styles of the letters/numbers.

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