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Chinese companies file over 100 int’l applications under Hague System

China’s accession to the Geneva Act (1999) of the Hague Agreement took effect on May 5. It means that non-Chinese design applicants can now designate this newest member of the Hague System in their international design applications and Chinese companies and designers can also now use the Hague Syste

Non-infringement declaration: a quicker fix than a dismissal ruling?

In this article, the author discusses this issue in reference to a judgement made by the Supreme Court.

Regulating ‘Big Tech’: EU’s DSA and DMA initiatives

The two proposals by the European Commission for a Digital Services Act and a Digital Markets Act mark a major step in the regulation of digital markets by the EU.

Judicial Approach to Internet Platform Governance -- Viewing the Application of Anti-Unfair Competition Law from the Perspective of Multiple Roles and Multilaterality of Platforms

Platform companies provide basic functional services and complete the trading system through the Internet platform, gather traffic and matching information for the platform, promote traffic and information monetization.

Analysis of trail difficulties in conflict cases regarding trademark and enterprise name

One of the manifestations of the gradual maturity of the market economy is the increase of the brand’s awareness of the whole society, and the commercial marks that are directly related to enterprises’ brand are trademark and name of the enterprise. Because the area covered by trademark and enterpri

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