Schneider Electric Prevails in 40 Million Yuan Trademark Dispute Against Schneider Elevator

Schneider Electric SE's Chinese unit has secured a victory in a trademark dispute against Jiangsu-based Chinese elevator manufacturer, Schneider Elevator, culminating in a 40 million yuan penalty for trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Huawei wins 10 million Yuan in combating malicious trademark infringement

Huawei has won 10 million Yuan in combating malicious online trademark infringement, according to a recent judgement released by the Shanghai Jinshan District People's Court (hereinafter referred to as Jinshan Court).

China’s Supreme People's Court rules against Bili in a trademark dispute attracting nationwide attention

China’s Supreme People's Court( SPC) has reversed the first and second instance judgments made by two lower courts in a trademark case attracting nationwide attention, according to news released on January 4. The case relates to a disputed “ honeysuckle” trademark.

Thai Luckin Coffee claims for $290M from Chinese Luckin Coffee

Thailand's 50R Group has filed a lawsuit against China's Luckin Coffee, claiming 10 billion baht (US$290 million) in compensation, according to Thai media reports released on Wednesday.

Shanghai Maichilin hit with 10 million yuan verdict for infringing Michelin trademark

Chinese chain restaurant operator Shanghai XNG Holdings Ltd unit Shanghai Maichilin (“米芝莲” in Cantonese) was hit with a 10 million yuan verdict for trademark infringement of French tyre manufacturing company Michelin (“米其林” in Chinese), the Hubei Higher People's Court ruled.