Huawei transfers "AITO" trademark to its EV partner Seres for $343 million

Huawei has transferred its "AITO" trademarks to its electric vehicle (EV) partner Seres for 2.5 billion yuan ($343.81 million). This latest move highlights Huawei’s strategy to solidify its role as a technology supplier in the automotive industry, rather than a direct competitor.

German appeal court affirms Audi's trademark win over NIO's ES6 and ES8 models

The Munich Higher Regional Court issued a second-instance verdict, affirming that NIO's naming of its two electric vehicle models as ES6 and ES8 constitutes trademark infringement against Audi's S6 and S8. NIO is barred from marketing its products in Germany under the names.

Huawei secures legal victory in trademark dispute over unauthorized bluetooth headphone sales

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has recently emerged victorious in a legal battle concerning the protection of its trademark rights, according to news released last week. An online company was found selling bluetooth headphones bearing the "Huawei" brand without authorization.

Lacoste wins 14.8 million Yuan in a trademark dispute against Cartelo in China

French fashion brand Lacoste has won 14.8 million Yuan in a trademark dispute against its Chinese rival Cartelo, according to an announcement released by Lacoste recently. The two sides have been locked in trademark disputes since at least 2003.

Schneider Electric Prevails in 40 Million Yuan Trademark Dispute Against Schneider Elevator

Schneider Electric SE's Chinese unit has secured a victory in a trademark dispute against Jiangsu-based Chinese elevator manufacturer, Schneider Elevator, culminating in a 40 million yuan penalty for trademark infringement and unfair competition.